Paul Hofland, General Manager UK

I’m Paul and I manage the UK business at TBM Solution. This involves making sure that everything that needs doing gets done, looking after our amazing team at our warehouse in Bedford, and ensuring that the customers are getting the answers they need.

That last part, for me, is the real key. Customers rightly get a lot of our attention and focus and I see this as a big differentiator in what TBM Solution does compared to other global fulfilment providers. Our customers know that if they email they’ll get an answer. If they phone, I’ll pick up. Whatever their challenge is, we’ll make sure it’s solved. That could be a customer that’s won a big contract and needs an urgent delivery, or it could be about supporting a new seasonal promotion a customer is running.

Our average day in the UK warehouse – if there is such a thing! – is a combination of fulfilling B2C and B2B orders, overseeing projects we’ve allocated resources to, making sure we have enough stock in the warehouse, and handling returns. And that’s before we might have to drop everything to fulfil a last-minute customer query!

Before joining TBM Solution, I had already seen the logistics and supply chain business from many angles. I spent 12 years at Toshiba’s consumer TV and PC business in a variety of roles including product management, sales management and business planning. After that, I worked at Mayku as head of logistics and I advised start-ups and new entrants to the EU market with Noima Consultancy. During that time, I got to know Alan and Ed and the team at TBM, so when they offered me the chance to manage the UK operation I took the opportunity and I’ve enjoyed how we’ve expanded the business since then.

My hobbies include cooking, I’m always experimenting in the kitchen, and golf, where I play off a rusty 14. I also enjoy the occasional game of poker and I’m a big rugby fan.

<p>Paul Hofland</p>

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See what our clients say about us...

"TBM Solution have the ability to be agile, react and perform under pressure. They look after you and do what’s best for your business. It’s much more of a personal relationship where they’re your partner – not like a larger 3PL company where you’re just a number."

Ben Ellis | Supply Chain and Purchasing Manager | Carv by MotionMetrics

See what our clients say about us...

“For us to commit to a certain level of service to our customers, we need a comfort factor that a distributor can commit to that level of service for us – and that’s what we get with TBM Solution. The experience has to be seamless for the customer, as it’s our reputation on the line.”

Mary Murray | Head Of Operations at Blueface | a Comcast Business Company