Ed Corkery, Co-Founder

I’m Ed, the Co-Founder of TBM Solution and I look after the operations side of the business..

I’ve seen eCommerce from both sides of the fence: in 2011 I founded Soundzdirect, which sells speakers, headphones and audio accessories. This gave me an insight into what’s involved in making and developing the brand for a consumer product, and I saw up close in the process of getting products into the market. I’ve also worked with many brands to help them sell through online retail, or on global marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Then, together with Alan Eustace, we set up TBM Solution in 2017. It made sense to pool our resources as I had known Alan for many years and we had worked together to get products to market quickly and efficiently.

It was clear to us that many brands are looking for a company that can be a conduit between creating a product and getting it to the customer. We can help them with managing sales, marketing, inventory and warehouse logistics, international logistics and support. In our experience, many brands are looking for more than just a supplier: they want a partner that can advise them on the right approach and can suggest new ways of doing things. This way we’re more like a virtual extension of their team.

I’ve previously held roles in quality management for a medical devices company and I’ve also worked in the technology industry.

When I’m not working, I love to spend time outdoors hillwalking and camping. I’ve also been a volunteer scout leader with the 180th Lucan South Scout Group since 2004.

<p>Ed Corkery</p>

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See what our clients say about us...

"TBM Solution have the ability to be agile, react and perform under pressure. They look after you and do what’s best for your business. It’s much more of a personal relationship where they’re your partner – not like a larger 3PL company where you’re just a number."

Ben Ellis | Supply Chain and Purchasing Manager | Carv by MotionMetrics

See what our clients say about us...

“For us to commit to a certain level of service to our customers, we need a comfort factor that a distributor can commit to that level of service for us – and that’s what we get with TBM Solution. The experience has to be seamless for the customer, as it’s our reputation on the line.”

Mary Murray | Head Of Operations at Blueface | a Comcast Business Company