What makes us different in TBM?

We get asked this regularly. Over the weekend I’d some time to put down a few thoughts on this, prompted by comparing how we operate to others in the eCommerce fulfillment area.

We want to work in partnership with our clients to grow our respective businesses over the long term. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients teams, that will do what’s needed when needed, just like their own team does.

if you’re looking for an eCommerce fulfillment partner, that’s what we do. That’s all we do. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t tag eCommerce fulfillment on as an additional service to support our schoolbooks company or supplement our courier delivery company. We’re all in on our Core Business of eCommerce fulfillment, 100% of our focus is on meeting our clients requirements and their customers needs. 

Partner with us if you want a dedicated eCommerce fulfillment partner, totally focused on supporting you and your business.

We’re a real business. What do I mean by this? We run our business day to day, month to month and year to year to actually make a profit, while paying our staff well, and providing an excellent, tailored service to our clients and their customers. We can make a profit and still give great value to clients as we continuously strive for efficiencies and pass these on, and have been doing this for many years now. We’re not relying on some future level of scale in the business to behave like a real business, we’re doing it now and always. 

Partner with us if want an eCommerce fulfillment partner who won’t run into trouble if the next funding round doesn’t work out or it the investors need to exit.

As a result of the above, we don’t have external pressures to take into account, like investors, dictating how we can service our clients or how we should manage the business. This allows us to make long term decisions and invest in the future where needed, in line with what our clients or potential client requirements may be. 

Partner with us if you want an eCommerce fulfillment partner who wants to grow your business with you by doing the right things for the long term.

We’re not an automated machine. Don’t get me wrong here, we have processes and controls, which any eCommerce fulfillment company needs to have. But with TBM you can always pick up the phone and talk to our team if needed. And in the event of something urgent, needing exceptional prioritisation (and from time to time these urgent events do occur), as a partner of ours, you always have direct access to us as owners of TBM, as well as our client services team and other support options. 

Partner with us if you want an eCommerce fulfillment partner who understands what it takes to run be grow a business, and the support you need when things need extra focus and priority.

So in addition to access to our Irish, UK and US warehouse operations, the cost savings, scalability, access to expertise, improved efficiencies, faster shipping times, increased flexibility, improved customer satisfaction, reduced risk, access to technology, and better analytics, there are a lot of reasons to consider talking to us in TBM about your eCommerce fulfillment requirements.

<p>What make us different in TBM?</p>

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