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Alan Eustace

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Alan Eustace is an experienced professional with a vast amount of experience with global brands and new start-ups. With a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics, retail and e-commerce industry. Skilled in Supply chain, Product Management, Business Development & Sales Management.

Alan currently focuses on the Business Development and Special Projects within TBM Solution. TBM Solution has grown rapidly over the last number of years. It has built up a network of international shipping agents to offer its clients an assured and efficient service assuring clients goods move as swiftly and cost effectively as possible. Its global network spans 3 continents and consists of 16 warehouse locations to date.

Alan is proud that the TBM Team have built a track record of quality and trust with its Partners. Delivering quality solutions year after year. Whether it’s to fulfil B2C eCommerce orders, B2B orders, Marketplace orders or any other fulfilment requirements, The Team can provide exactly what you require.

In Alan’s spare time he’s an avid sailor and can be found either on Ireland’s inland or coastal waters.