Melanie Timmins, Client Services and Partnership Manager

Hi, I’m Melanie and I’m the client services and partnership manager. I work closely with the client services team, ensuring that we adhere to what we’ve agreed with our clients, and that we stay within those guidelines. I also liaise with our international shipping companies and courier networks.

As a member of the leadership group at TBM Solution, I’m also responsible for the strategic direction of the client services team. Every morning, we have a ‘huddle’ in our customer services team, where we look at what’s facing us. There are always plenty of requests and questions from our clients and partners so we like to take the time to make sure we respond to them all with personalised solutions.

As an individual and in my work life, I always have very high expectations of customer service or a product. From a customer perspective, I want the person who’s selling me something to be involved in it, especially in the business-to-business world where it’s all about building relationships. From a business perspective, I want to deliver highly individualised solutions to make each and every customer happy.

Interestingly, my background is actually in the motor trade, where I worked with brands like Toyota and Volkswagen. It’s a very different industry, but from the moment I saw this role at TBM Solution, I felt it was speaking to me, and I think it helped that much of my previous work was already based around customer excellence or customer experience management. I’ve always gravitated towards roles where people wanted to know the answer to the question: “how does the customer feel?”, because you need to care about customer satisfaction, which I genuinely care about!

One of my favourite pastimes is listening to podcasts from thought leaders like Brené Brown, who speaks a lot about human connection, and emotions like vulnerability and empathy. I think this feeds into the work I do and the level of emotion involved in doing a job which involves such a high level of customer interaction. I also love to curl up with a good book while yoga is another passion of mine.

<p>Melanie Timmins</p>

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