Darren Brady, Warehouse Manager Ireland

Hello, my name is Darren and I’m the warehouse manager here at TBM’s Dublin warehouse, where I use my experience gained over 20 years in logistics to add efficiencies or identify areas where we can grow the business.

Our team underpin everything we do, so my role also involves finding the right fit for everyone, including recognising the different mindsets and personalities we have, as well as bringing everything together as a functioning family that looks out for each other and helps the company to serve the customer correctly. I fully believe a good team that is passionate and enjoys their work succeeds better.

I’ve been in warehouse logistics a long time and in that time I’ve met thousands of people, so I’ve become a kind of psychologist, if you will: I can tell what people will be good at and not good at. Some people want to be forklift drivers; some want to be in stock control. If you can find the right role for the right person, they can shine.

We think of ourselves as a startup, so while we have our processes, if I see a gap, I’ll fill it and solve any issues to allow our staff to get on with their work and so everything flows. When I need to be hands-on, that’s what I’ll be. Sometimes I’ll answer customer queries, which I like because the customer needs to trust the warehouse, and I will be accountable, so for me to be part of the full upstream and downstream process is a real joy.

If I’m not working, I’m studying – usually involving supply chain as I’m a big believer in continuous education. I hold 5 diplomas in various fields, most of which are logistics based, but I have a keen interest in anatomy and physiology. In the spare time I have left, I play guitar in a four-piece heavy metal band. We play our own music that’s influenced by Nightwish and Megadeth. We play gigs regularly. It’s a great safety valve for pressure.


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"TBM Solution have the ability to be agile, react and perform under pressure. They look after you and do what’s best for your business. It’s much more of a personal relationship where they’re your partner – not like a larger 3PL company where you’re just a number."

Ben Ellis | Supply Chain and Purchasing Manager | Carv by MotionMetrics

See what our clients say about us...