Chris Welch, Director TBM Solution UK

I’m Chris and I’m the director of TBM Solution UK. My role is about enabling and facilitating our growth in the UK. Being on the ground means we can make decisions quickly. I support the team to make the day-to-day operations run smoothly or reacting to an urgent customer request that arrives out of the blue.

I have a wide responsibility because I work across several sites. My other company, Welch’s Transport, is a fourth-generation family business so I feel a lot of responsibility because that’s the name on our lorries and buildings.

TBM’s UK operation is facilitated at one of Welch’s sites, in Bedford, where I usually spend roughly half of the working week. Our team there has 10 people so it’s important to be around, talk to everyone, work closely with the team. I make a point of getting to know everyone on a personal level because it helps build the camaraderie which is how everyone performs at their best.

I’ve always enjoyed working in the logistics world. I used to work for DHL, and then it was a big step to start working in the family business. Another big achievement has been forming the TBM Solution UK business with Ed and Alan. We’d worked together already for five years, and we feel the same way about how we do business: we make a point of managing accounts directly, to be able to form close relationships with our customers.

We’re in year two and already we’re looking for our next warehouse. We have ambitious growth targets, but it’s got to be sustainable. It’s not about putting volume through the site. We’ve got to take care of the customers we have.

My spare time is all about family. I have a two-and-a-half year old and another baby on the way next year. I’m a big DIY fan. My wife and I used to renovate houses. On weekends, I’ll often take the little man into the garden, and we’ll do paving together or build shelves.


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