Tik Tok Shop Fulfilment

Tik Tok Fulfilment

TBM-Solution have partnered with TIK TOK Shop in the United Kingdom! 

We are delighted to annouce that we have integrated our system and client portal, MYTBMHUB, with Tik Tok Shop. This partnership enables our clients to sell on Tik Tok and automate the fulfilment process. It provides our client with the opportunity to open up this new sales channel and enhance their multichannel fuflilment solution within MYTBMHUB

Our interactive portal, MYTBMHUB, makes it easy to accept and control these orders along with website orders & manual orders.

TikTok Shop enables brands to showcase and sell products for the TikTok community to discover and purchase. Discover, communicate and collaborate with thousands of creators through Tik Tok's affiliate program directly accessible on TikTok Shop. 

Let TBM-Solution handle the pick, pack and next day shipping to your Tik Tok consumers. Talk to one of our sales team to get setup or to add TIK TOK Shop to your TBM Account.

Get Tik Tok Fulfilment.

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