Automating Order Fulfilment with End-to-End Value Chain Solution

“Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient.” - Jeff Bezos. 

The last few years have seen a fundamental shift in consumer buying behaviour with the rapid expansion of e-commerce alternatives, the emergence of shopping platforms, marketplaces, and next-day delivery. With rising consumer expectations, the only way for enterprises to survive in such a scenario is to evolve accordingly. One of the most important aspects of the eCommerce experience journey is order fulfilment, which significantly impacts the consumer experience. An efficient and speedy order fulfilment process can significantly improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, sales, and business revenue. Addressing the need of the hour, TBM Solution is Ireland’s fastest-growing order fulfilment provider, offering end-to-end value chain solutions tailored to the requirements of its clients.

Established in 2011, TBM Solution partnered with several companies worldwide to offer solutions to a broad spectrum of clients, from startups to well-known brands. Companies collaborating with TBM Solution can trade globally without operational hassles and deliver products that match the requirements of their end customers. TBM Solution offers a holistic set of fulfilment services, including commissioning, shipping, and returns management. The firm specialises in providing flexible logistics solutions from the factory to the final delivery to the consumer and all stages. Furthermore, the organisation offers a turn-key ‘Launch Pad’ solution for non-EU exporters looking to trade online and offline, into Europe, B2B and B2C. TBM Solution has built a global network of partners to assist clients to achieve this endeavour and provide them with the most comprehensive services. External suppliers, such as freight forwarders, tax experts, and offshore warehouses, also partner with the company to offer a global reach for logistical services. In a nutshell, the corporation—having worked with brands for several years and understanding the kind of services they demand—has paved the way for businesses to achieve their missions with its bespoke solutions.  

TBM Solution makes the process seamless for clients, saving them from needing to find a warehouse, a freight agent, and a tax consultant to assist with VAT in each territory they want to enter. To help businesses and brands expand worldwide, TBM Solution works in tandem with the client and becomes a member of their company and team. Notably, TBM Solution adapts to the requirements of all its clients by learning more about their business and the services they require. “We begin by determining what our clients require, what value-added services they may need, and where these services must be offered. TBM Solution’s network assists its clientele in discovering whether they need a localised or a global solution,” notes Ed Corkery, Co-Founder at TBM Solution. 

Tailored packaging solutions that include localisation and customisation provide out-of-the-box business value for different customers. As a testament to the robust capabilities of TBM Solution, the company offered similar value-added services to its clients. The organisation personalised bottles with the person’s name, and as part of the order processing, TBM Solution went through its clients’ website to obtain all the required information and entered all the relevant information into its system. The bottle was put into a laser engraving machine before being shipped out in the next part of the process.  

TBM Solution is rapidly expanding and is now associated with 14 warehouses across the globe. Since the UK exited the European Union, the company has been observing a growing demand for in-country order fulfilment. TBM Solution is currently focusing on boosting its UK operations then expanding geographically. TBM Solution takes pride in its ability to grow through referrals. Steering ahead, the firm will continue to grow the business primarily through referrals from its clients. 

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