Case Study: Servicing a global client on their Distribution Strategy


Client (Company A) are a successful brand of kids coding toys selling via crowdfunding web sites and their own online store. With the release of a new product range the client was tasked with shipping orders globally. Each region comes with its specific supply-chain challenges. With the launch of the new product range taking place imminently and their current logistical partner not able to perform, Clients were introduced to TBM Solution to create a solution for fulfilment of thousands of their products. They needed a strategic fulfilment plan fast, and TBM successfully delivered this. 


This client is the number one manufacturer of high-end coding toys. They had ambitious global expansion goals for their range of products and wanted to break into Europe and USA .Just two days before the planned launch, the existing logistical partner was disengaged. The client needed a new partner who could roll out all products in a matter of days to USA and to Europe. The deadlines were immediate. 

The problem they would encounter selling in these regions was ultimately the complex shipping process they would need to implement as part of their business model. In addition to this, Clients were challenged by not having legal entities in any of the countries and not being registered for taxes and duties, key to fulfilment into Europe and USA. They had no experience clearing goods in these lucrative sales regions, and this would ultimately impede on the launch of their product range on time. Company A also required timed deliveries to stores to ensure smooth product transition and launch at retail level, so a lot was riding on this project. Company A stipulated that control be managed out of one central point, this being TBM. 

Solution-focused Partner: 

TBM were tasked with this major project. They quickly devised a solution and were able to roll it out almost immediately. TBM bring a wealth of experience operating globally, overcoming language and cultural barriers regularly as well as political requirements for clearing goods and dealing with other government import/export regulations. They have long-standing relationships with their global network of agents. In the case of the EU side of the launch, TBM were able to use Fiscal Representation to clear goods into their facility in Tilburg in Holland. The initial orders for EU, USA and ROW were in excess of 200 pallets by air freight. This allowed them to move all their stock globally while still meeting the imminent deadline. TBM were able to positively impact on the bottom line for this client. 

With TBM’s global reach, they arranged to ship the goods to Europe and USA and allow their local agents to do clearances and delivery on behalf of Company A. EU and ROW goods were shipped to Holland to ensure speedy transit time to the EU hubs and consumers Company A. USA shipments went to Seattle, Chicago and Charleston. 


TBM could manage the complete logistical process successfully and cost effectively. They deliver one central billing source positively impacting on financial control and cash flow. Dealing with one central point of contact is paramount to the running of their international business operations.
They delivered on time to all clients Hubs and consumers globally. They continue to manage large volumes of shipments to Europe, USA and ROW. The launch of the client’s new product range internationally was a huge success. 

If you wish to internationalize your brand, speak to TBM today. TBM can analyze your current model to provide a solution that is a more efficient option for your business, as demonstrated in this case study. 

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